Does Schedugram support Instagram's new" slideshow" / gallery / carousel / multiple photo or video format?

Scheduler Inc 03/24/2017

Instagram announced a new feature on 22 February 2017, where users will be able to upload multiple photos or videos to produce a "slideshow" item in their Instagram feeds.

We will support this feature in due course.

However, currently it is not supported, because:

Not all accounts have this feature enabled yet, and so we will have to wait for it to be globally supported before we roll it out for you.

Rest assured that we want to get this feature to you as soon as we can, and our team will do some of the preparatory work (i.e. number 1) in the mean time, but we will need to wait for Instagram to roll it out more widely before we can do the rest of the work. We observed something similar occurring with the 'rectangular images/video' feature they rolled out a few years ago, and it was a few weeks before the feature was out globally, but obviously we can't say if that will be the same here.